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Capodimonte Ceramics and Porcelain

Traditional craftsmanship at the service of quality

The elegance of the classic immersed in the modern world

Our summer collection for those who love the sea and its wonders

Chandeliers and table lamps to see the world in a different light

When art meets everyday life.

Timeless Beauty

Ceramic is a material that is resistant to centuries and adversity. A ceramic work will keep all its beauty intact for years. The uniqueness and longevity make each creation an object of prestige and value.

The tradition of Capodimonte porcelain

Pottery making is an ancient art that has developed independently in far-flung areas of the world. The history of our family is permeated by this art perfected by 4 generations of craftsmen who have passed on their experience and passion. Our name is now synonymous with experience and professionalism sought after by customers all over the world. From the modeling of the ceramic to the glazing, each stage of the process is treated with the utmost care and professionalism to ensure the highest quality of the finished product.


Capodimonte ceramics are suitable for any use, indoors or outdoors.


The beautiful and the Homo, a perfect match.

Taste of the sea

Protagonist in every environment

Capodimonte porcelain is suitable for any use, indoors or outdoors.

Shapes and colors that live forever

The value of beauty

A ceramic work always tells about the value and prestige of the person who shows it off

Louis Vuitton


From your idea to the complete realization

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